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Funny buoys ! 


We Are Flowers - Melissa
Réalisation SOFTlab

Installation commandée pour la boutique Melissa à New York. Le projet réalisé par SOFTlab, est construit à partir de 20 000 fleurs transparentes.

Rock nun !

Incredible drawings by Pez

(Source : artmonia, via seconddesign)

Kurt Cobain by Mark Seliger

An Urban Flowerbox
The Jianianhua Center in China defines a new kind of civic landmark, one that establishes a meaning and presence through an innovative integration of architecture and graphic design. Through the unexpected application of common billboard technology, a glass volume is transformed into dynamic architecture. Learn more
Incredible Body Paintings by Gesine Marwedel. More pics, follow me »>
Artist : Fox



Demattise branding via Good Design Makes Me Happy


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